City of Manitowoc, WI

Greg Minikel

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Permit. How Secured.

Anyone applying for a permit for any of the purposes mentioned in chapter 7 of the City of Manitowoc Municipal Code shall present to the City Engineer an application by a duly authorized agent, and include all information requested for the purpose for which a permit is desired.  The applicant will conform to and comply with all ordinances, rules and regulations of the city pertaining to the work or purpose for which a permit is requested; pay all damages caused to public or private grounds or suffered by private persons caused by the applicant, agents, employees or servants in the doing or execution of the work for which the permit may be granted and that the applicant will keep and save the City of Manitowoc free and harmless from any damages or against it by reason of the failure, fault or neglect by the applicant, the applicants agents, servants or employees in the execution of the work for which such permit is granted. The applicant shall also satisfy the City Engineer, if required to do so, that the applicant is financially able to pay any damages or claims for which the applicant may become liable under such an agreement, or that the applicant will file with the City Engineer a sufficient bond or letter of credit for such purpose approved by the City Engineer before the permit is issued. Should the applicant fail to pay the City of Manitowoc damages or claims, the abutting property owner shall be charged said damages or claims as a special assessment pursuant to Section 66.0701 of the Wisconsin Statutes.


Restoration of Right-of-Way Surface from Excavation.

Any person, firm or corporation granted an excavation permit shall deposit with the City Engineer a sum of Eighty Dollars ($80.00). Said amount shall constitute the amount for the permit only. The cost to restore the street surface shall be borne by the applicant. The City Engineer shall maintain a schedule of prices for the temporary and permanent restoration of the street surface and shall equally enforce such charges as are necessary to fund the approximation of the actual cost of street restoration.

On concrete streets, opened within five years after construction, the replacement of concrete shall be from existing joints to existing joints and the permit holder shall be charged accordingly. Private and public utilities shall be charged based upon time and materials for the actual repair.

The City Engineer shall require action of the permit holders, on behalf of the public, to limit damage to streets and reduced pavement life through the policies and permit charges.


City Engineer Not to Approve Permit.

No permit shall be approved by the City Engineer to any person, firm or corporation for the purposes mentioned in Section 7.12 of the Municipal Code in the event the applicant has failed to comply with all the ordinances, rules and regulations of the City.